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Boca Local is a visual expression of our love of good food and everything that it entails. The taste, culture and the dedicate people that put it together.


We want to tell you the stories behind your artisan baked sourdough, suckling pig, farm fresh berries and manchego cheese. Too often people will sit down and enjoy their meal without considering the adventure that took place before it arrived on their plate.


Our passion as filmmakers is to find and film those stories and serve them up in a deliciously digestible manner. So passionate in fact, that we’ve quit our day jobs from a busy San Franciscan film production company and an environmental consulting firm to follow our taste buds to the cultural foodie hub of Mexico and Central America.


It’s all about discovering the local food markets, artisan craftspeople and hidden culinary gems reserved for those in the know (us, and soon to be you). 


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Their tale started like all good fairy tales... in Antigua Guatemala.


Tim, a video journalist, was en route from California to Argentina on his motorcycle when he’d been hospitalized for dysentery in Guatemala. Amy, who was working for NBC, was traveling to Bolivia to film a documentary about kids in the prison system. As you can imagine, it was the perfect setting for love to bloom…


They connected over a game of cards in a hostel dorm room, but when Amy left for a date with a Guatemalan surf model, Tim heartbroken, accepted defeated and left his email as a last ditch attempt to win over Amy’s heart.


As any good romantic fairy tale would have it, these two Guatemalan lovers were destined to be together and after a year of long distance phone calls, a few back and forths between California and Australia and a move to a beautiful cabin in the redwoods just outside San Francisco, there was a wedding. Life was perfect… Two married filmmakers and their dog Lyla.


But these kids don’t dig perfect… They dig adventures and discovering unknown lands. Together they have lived in Liberia, India, El Salvador, Morocco, Bolivia, Guatemala, Australia, England and Ireland, now they're off to do it again.


They thrive on culture and the stories behind other people’s passions… and food. They LOVE food. And so they’ve decided to pack up their lives, throw it in the back of a pop up camper (with Lyla) and travel down through Mexico to discover one of the world’s greatest food cultures.


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